Entry Title:
Eating & Exercising in Alignment with your hormones
Author: Tracy Minnis
Judge Number: 89
Entry Category: Nonfiction

Judge’s Commentary*:

Targeted primarily at women, this manual gives extensive support and directions, complete with scores of photographs, on a series of workout exercises designed around three hormone cycles each month. The author writes with an authoritative tone and as the prime model for this exercise program, both in words and in images. The steps are very detailed and make sense. The author includes an abundance of lists and charts in addition to the photographs. These are very supportive in a situation that is challenging without a live instructor and model. I especially liked the way the author, once into the exercise program, would pair a text and photo, thus giving instructions and support in two forms. Actually, there is some value here for males in terms of exercises that might improve muscle tone even if the information about hormonal phases is not relevant. The cover is quite appropriate for the contents and presents the author in an assertive yet inviting pose.

book cover


This small book packs a punch with all kinds of understandable nutritional ideas and exercises so we can all be our optimum selves. As a Yoga fan and 15 year Massage Therapist, I am a glutton for finding useful information about the body/mind continuum and “Eating & Exercising in Alignment with your hormones” blew me away. The first copy I shared with a Co-worker, the second copy I am going to put on display at my office, I am sure to want more copies to share with family and friends. The writing style is direct and upbeat, the exercise photos are clear and inspiring. The wisest investment we can make is for a healthy body, this book is a great guide for how to get there!
– Carrol A Garcia

Pleasantly surprised. Reading this book at the request of my wife I initially had my reservations. Once I began reading I realized the material was not only relevant to anyone interested in fitness and nutrition, but was actually an interesting and informative read. The author not only provides factual and helpful information for everyone interested in health and fitness, but its laid out in an easy to understand format. Though the material is primarily geared towards women, as a man I found it to be quite interesting and educational. Its an absolute must for any woman seeking to better or maintain their health and fitness, and a great read for men as well.
– Mickey Emmanuel

This is a good reference book to have. Wherever you are in your journey, whether you have just started eating healthy and exercising or whether you are already doing so, the information in this book will teach you how to work with your body instead of against it to achieve your own personal level of optimal health.
– Tricia